Latest News, Continued

Feb. 28, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Our angel doc Bernadett Velasco donated blood to benefit the Philippine General Hospital for the poor. We are so proud of this angel who has been a stalwart supporter of PMF since our inception. She has done a tremendous job in assisting our 1st Progeria case even braving a Typhoon to travel to a hospital in the provinces when our Rochelle was hospitalized in critical condition. Thank you angel Bernadett for your honorable kindness. She quips “together we can save more lives.”

Feb. 20, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Congratulations angel team leader Nanay Mary Jean Paraiso & her angel volunteers for a successful 1st day mission to commence KAROSA DALA PAGBABA, a mission to educate the little children in the mountains & fields of Barrio Kinura, Kalilangan, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines. These children cannot go to school as they help out their parents in tilling the fields for livelihood as well as the remoteness of their area where schooling is inaccessible. Project Michelangelo developed a mobile classroom mission to educate the children & give them a fighting chance in life to succeed. According to angel Nanay Jean, it was heartwarming to meet the beautiful little human beings of this rural barangay. They are all soft-spoken, especially kind and shy little children.

Feb. 20, 2022 PMF Newsfeed:16 Balikbayan boxes containing books, school materials, baby & children’s clothes, foodstuffs & more, were shipped from Project Michelangelo Foundation HQ in Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA to Samar & Mindanao islands in the Philippines for our empowerment missions under the local leadership of angel doc Maria Sylvia Agudo Pacle & angel bro Rhondell Paraiso.  Thank you to all our donors!

Feb. 20, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: A successful mission from Illinois, USA to the Philippines! Thanks to junior angel Lia Kemnetz, angel team leader for the annual Hug-a- Baby for Christmas 2021 thru the New Year 2022, 16 Balikbayan boxes containing books, gently used baby & children’s clothes, food, shoes, & miscellaneous rescue supplies shipped to Samar & Mindanao islands in the Philippines for our empowerment missions under the local leadership of angel doc Maria Sylvia Agudo Pacle & angel bro Rhondell Paraiso.

Feb. 12, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Super congratulations to our very own angel Annika Bennion, our newest International Ambassador for Project Michelangelo Foundation, for being chosen to be up on a giant billboard for the New York Fashion Week at Times Square! Your PMF family is so very proud of you! Thank you to our angel Janette Doria for providing the connections to make this happen!

Feb. 10, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Introducing Astronaut Bob, the official mascot of Project Michelangelo Foundation (PMF).

Astronaut Bob has travelled to many places around the world to inspire children & give them that sense of magic & awe in life. Astronaut Bob proudly wears the PMF insignia on his left side chest. His historic achievement was on May 30, 2016 when he was on a payload during a High Altitude Balloon launch from the historic Koerner Airport to reach an altitude of over 100,000 ft to near space & back down to Earth & retrieved by our chase team in Lake Village, Indiana. Special thanks to Darryl Hedges, CEO of HAB LLC for the space flight collaboration with PMF.

Astronaut Bob represents the PMF initiative for S.T.E.M. (Science, technology, engineering, & math). PMF also promotes the addition of “arts” in studies to maximize intellectual development of children.

Return to being a child & live life the fullest!

Godspeed - Jojo Sayson

Click here to see our Astronaut Bob adventure to a fictional Mars: Project Michelangelo Mascot: Astronaut Bob with PMF friends in many adventures - YouTube

Feb. 5, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Our junior angel Shelley Rose Altares finishes her clinical trial physical examination at Boston Children’s Hospital under the auspices of the Progeria Research Foundation (PRF) & in cooperation with Project Michelangelo Foundation (PMF) in assisting the 6 known living cases of Progeria in the Philippines. Junior angel Shelley flew all the way from the Philippines with her father Rocky Altares & was met in Boston from Chicago by PMF President Jojo Sayson for a day of sightseeing, shopping, & meeting with the Founders of PRF, Drs. Leslie Gordon, Scott Berns, & Atty. Audrey Gordon. She also earned the title as the last Progeria clinical trial subject to return to Boston, Massachusetts ending this research in search for an ultimate cure for Progeria. To help, for more info or to make a cheerful donation, please visit

Feb. 7, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Missions in Mindanao Philippines - "Karosa Dala Pagbabasa" (a cart of literacy) has commenced last January 28, 2022. With the blessing of Dr. Jojo Sayson, President & Founder of PMF, our team of teacher volunteers met and prepared the documents needed to run a humanitarian mission for little children of Barrio Kinura, Kalilangan, Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines.  These children are mostly illiterate & they have the burden of working to help their parents in their livelihood of farming in the mountains without access to schools.  PMF will send a team of volunteer angel teachers to give these children a chance to attain a diploma.

January 28, 2022 - Planning and mission proposal

February 5, 2022 - Meeting the Punong Barangay, Principal, teacher and parents

Objectives of this mission:

1. Help the community bring back respect to human dignity.

2. Bring hope to these young children (who works in the farm) as our teacher volunteers represent the ideals of PMF, Angelus Domini Venit.

3. Improve the quality of life of the people in the community.

Team leader:
Mary Jean Paraiso (DIWATA) - PMF Normin Planning Officer

Lead implementers:
Cyril Juls Litanon (GUARDIAN) - teacher volunteer
Carla Kristel Khae Catamin (SOPHIA) - teacher volunteer

PMF teacher volunteers:
Trisha Trisha Mae Arias (HARLEY)
Joemarie Baguio (WHISKY)
Odijean Rangcon (GLAZE)

Llyd Naej'ram Paraiso (WHIPLASH)
Aloha Jell Gempisao (VIRGO)
Khole Delos Reyes (LIBRA)

PMF International partners:
Lia Kemnetz and Hannia Alvarez

Feb. 1, 2022 PMF newsfeed: congratulations to our angel Annika Bennion for being chosen to be featured on Aspire Magazine! Thank you angel sis Janette Doria!

Jan. 22, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Congratulations angel Ysabella Alberto (in blue dress), daughter of our angel sis Janette Doria for this new online show, Aot Aspire Global Good People TV and @ Global TV Network: London New York Asia in cooperation with Aspire Magazine Global!

Jan. 16, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: We support Law Enforcement.

Thank you angel bros E.W. Peterson & Kaelin Patterson for all banding up together in support of a fund drive to assist the families of our 2 local Police officers who were gunned down by a law breaker when one perished & one in critical condition. PMF supports Blue lives.

God help us all - Jojo Sayson

Jan. 13, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Congratulations angel Jennifer Zhang on your continued pursuit of your passion to perform with your first concert in 2022. Thank you as well as your awards! Thank you for helping out make our past PMF Fundraising Fashion Event with angel Trina Parks a success.

“I want to devote this post to thanking my beautiful dancer sisters for being with my along the way, rehearsing and performing with me even during the height of the pandemic...getting a little teary eyed thinking about everything we've been through...from shooting my first music video "Flying High", to winning the Best Music Video award at the US-China Film Festival, to recording our Dizi & Qipao program at China's Central TV, to traveling to NYC, Seattle, Phoenix City and many other fun places to perform together etc. So many amazing (yet sleepless) memories.” – Jennifer Zhang

Jan. 11, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Angel doc Bernadett Velasco on TV in the Philippines "So glad and proud to see our very own PMF angel doc Bernadett Velasco, Operations Manager of One Hospital Command Center (OHCC), being interviewed on ONE NEWS PHILIPPINES of Cignal Cable TV on issues concerning Covid 19 and hospital accommodation status for those afflicted by this disease and its variants.

Jan. 2, 2022 PMF Newsfeed: The PMF Northern Mindanao Mission KINURA by Mary Jean Paraiso (DIWATA), a success!

This PMF mission in the mountains had a different purpose-Teaching hand-washing and dental hygiene mission for the little farmers (workers in the farms) of Barangay Kinura, Kalilangan, Bukidnon. Seeing children still working in the farms in her hometown made DIWATA conduct this mission. What moved her is that she saw herself among these children in this place she calls home and it has never changed ever since. Over the years, poverty has made the lives of families even more difficult. The way of life still forces families to send their very young children to work in the fields to help put food on the table. DIWATA's heart cries for these children. It is for this reason that she wanted to reach out to these little ones to bring laughter and joy during the Christmas season.

New Year 2022 PMF Newsfeed: Thank you angel doc Maria Sylvia Agudo Pacle & her team in Samar, Philippines for welcoming the New Year with a celebration of food & merriment for street children in Northern Samar Island, Philippines to give them a renewed sense of hope for the year 2022!

Dec. 30-31, 2021 PMF Newsfeed: Angel Doc Ted Everest Doc Esguerra represents all his PMF family on this huge collaborative mission to deliver much needed supplies for the victims of Typhoon Odette in the Philippines. Thank you!
God bless us all as we move into 2022 & beyond.

Happy New Year angels - Jojo Sayson