Michael BorggrenPaintings by Michael Borggren

Project Michelangelo Foundation proudly presents Michael Borggren and his masterpiece paintings.

Michael's faith in God created an indomitable spirit transcending schizophrenia and suicidal thoughts brought about because of a history of abuse at an early age.

His genius was born out of his battles in his mind in making sense how there are those who abuse and molest helpless children.

Now Michael has a mission, to save the world one child at a time by partnering with Project Michelangelo Foundation. He makes his dreams alive by painting masterpieces described as a style that closely resembles German Expressionism and is utterly genius.

A portion of the proceeds from Michael's paintings will be donated to the missions of Project Michelangelo in empowering children and young adults afflicted with cancer, debilitating illnesses and disabilities, those who are orphaned and abandoned as well as those who have been abused and molested. Invest in a masterpiece of a lifetime that will surely accumulate in value in the years to come. Consider owning a work of art by purchasing your very own masterpiece.

Michael can also personally commision a painting with your own theme. For further information please contact us through info@projectmichelangelo.org.

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