Ma. Yvonne Guerrero, M.D. Ma. Yvonne Guerrero, M.D.

Location: Manila, Philippines

Profession & Background: Family Physician (DPAFP), Masters in Occupational Health (MOH), Registered Nurse (RN). Dr. Yvonne Guerrero is a petite, humble, God-fearing, and animal-loving doctor, who hailed from Isabela, Philippines. This very young-at-heart doctor is a diplomate of the Philippine Academy of Family Physicians. She is currently the retainer company physician of the Bank of the Philippine Islands and Solaire Hotel and Casino. She also served as the company physician to Philippine National Oil Company, RCPI, Philam Savings Bank, Medicard Philippines, Phillip Morris Philippines, SENCOR, and Manila Galeria Suites. Her previous hospital affiliations include Manila Doctors Hospital, San Juan Medical Center, and Perpetual Help Maternity Medical and Diagnostic Center.

Dr. Guerrero went to University of Santo Tomas, for her pre-med bachelor course in Psychology. After graduating, she was admitted as a medical scholar to the University of the City of Manila and finished the degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1991. She did her post-graduate internship at Ospital ng Maynila (Hospital of Manila) and completed her residency training under the program of PLM (University of the City of Manila)-Family and Community Medicine in 1999. Adding to her specialization, she also took a masters course in Occupational Health at the University of the Philippines in 2003. With possible plans of migrating to the United States of America through a much easier pathway, she decided to take up Nursing and passed the local Nursing boards with flying colors, ranking seventh among the top ten successful examinees.

Aside from practicing medicine, she also held a part time position as a faculty professor in the University of the East, College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Behavioral Science in 2009. She participated in the research work and conducted lectures to professional medical representatives while working at the research laboratory at the Special Projects Department of Euro-Med Laboratories, Philippines, Inc., the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of IV fluids in the Philippines. She submitted research paper/reviews to UP Manila College of Public Health – Department of Environmental and Occupational Health about the following: Asbestos Related Diseases (Occupational Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, and Lung Cancer); Cadmium: Health Effects and Toxicity; and Effects of Diesel Engine Exhaust on the Respiratory System.

Specialty: singing, dancing, caring for pets (dogs and cats), counseling, joining medical missions

Philosophy: “Having a steadfast personal connection with God, becoming an instrument to help mankind is nothing but a second nature to me.”