Yana German Yana German

Founder of Yana German School of Walk

Location: Chicago Illinois

Profession and Background: What does your walk reveal about you? Born in Belorussia and residing in Italy gave Yana a taste of Europe and sense of style and admiration for its culture and also how other people live around the world.

Yana has over 10 years of experience as a body language and image expert to help individuals experience a positive transformation from within. Having studied various forms of movement Yana recognizes the importance of body awareness and how it strengthens an individual physically, socially, emotionally, and mentally – in preparation for the various challenges in everyday life.

Yana experienced her own “self-love awakening” when she discovered the art of Dance. With a history of struggling against bullying in school and personal insecurities experienced during much of her teen years, Yana turned to dance to nurture her own self-esteem journey. It wasn’t always easy and perfect for Yana after she had experienced majority of her teen life dealing with bullying which lead her to move out of school. Feeling abused both mentally and physically gave her more reasons to feel motivated to help and make a difference to others’ lives.

Her background in classical ballet and ballroom dancing led her to discover what it takes to create her concept of a “perfect streamline island silhouette.” This snowballed into a natural curiosity and obsession with body language and movement which led her to dabble in the fashion industry as a clothing designer receiving many prestigious awards and recognitions of achievement for working with many notable charities in Chicago to help raise awareness for kids and battered women. She used her brand label as tool to encourage and motivate women to feel better about their self-image. She embarked on her professional journey when she began working with models in Italy and pursuing her passion with her own quote that “models are not born, they are created” earned her accolades as the top coach and runway trainer. She trained models to utilize body balance, movement, and poise and the secret art of body language.

As a mother, mentor, and a coach Yana understands that our communities and all its members need to be supported and empowered to not only walk with the confidence, but be confident in every aspect of their lives. Yana uses walking as an essential solution for achieving self -confidence, improving self-esteem and posture, and improving overall body image. Yana combines mind body and soul technique to provide holistic approach to personal development.

All programs are curated and focused on each individual from group classes to individual one-on-one encounters. Yana motivates and inspires her students to transform their lives and develop healthy self-esteem that could provide them with endless opportunities both in their personal and professional lives. The Yana German School of Walk offers an incredible program that values a life changing curriculum and guaranteed results. From all ages, students attend her program to gain ultimate tools that are necessary to have in personal development.

Specialty: Yana is a motivational public speaker and fluently speaks 3 languages (Russian, Italian, and English). She is also a ballroom dancer, creator of “secret revealed behind the body language,” and creator of “first dance class in heels.”

Philosophy in life: “Everyone you meet is your own mirror reflection and there is no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ but rather, there are simply those who don’t know and so knowledge is the golden key…”

It has now become Yana’s mission to touch the lives of those who are going through the similar experience and to show her students that the transformation from an “ugly duckling to a swan” is possible and only doubts and fears are what will hold us back from achieving the ultimate YOU. With faith in God and trusting that you have a purpose, there will be many mentors and teachers along the path you will meet who will guide you into your own self discovery.