Ysabella Marie De Guzman-AlbertoYsabella Marie De Guzman-Alberto

Angel Ambassador for children
with Progeria in the Philippines
& US Ambassador for the Ray Olley Memorial Project

Location: New Jersey, USA

Profession/Background:  Ysabella Marie De Guzman Alberto was born and raised in New Jersey, USA. She graduated Senior Highschool Class of 2020 at Toms River Highschool South, Toms River, New Jersey. A lady with many talents, Ysabella can dance, sing, and is able to play her ukulele. She can entice everyone who hears her sing with her sweet voice with the song rendition of “La Vie en rose.” “Bella:” as she is often called is a member of the prestigious Princess Club of The Hand Foundation at the City of Vineland, New Jersey is under the mentorship of the former Mayoral First Lady Dr. Sandrie Serrano Bermudez and former Mayor Honorable Ruben Bermudez. Theirmission is to nurture, teach, guide and provide resources to benefit a diverse group of girls to be a woman of character, vision and action to confidently make a difference to society at large. Bella joined WCOPA (World Championships of Performing Art) competition participated by 71 countries competing worldwide for Voice and Modeling competition last July 7 to 15,2018 and has won the title of WCOPA Silver Medalist Model Division TEAM USA. The World Championships of Performing Arts is the only international performing arts talent competition and educational experience of its kind held annually in Hollywood/Los Angeles Area. This is the innovative, official “World Talent Contest” with esteemed entertainment industry professionals invited to judge, conduct seminars and talent. Delegations came from around the world to learn from industry professionals in the WORLDSTARS Boot Camp conducted during the eight-day event. After winning WCOPA in 2018, Bella joined the New York Fashion Week in September of 2018 up to the present and has been doing fashion shows and runways in the City of New York with designers like Steadfast Design and Get Me Fit USA. Bella is currently involved with Project Michelangelo Foundation (PMF) [www.projectmichelangelo.org] as the newly appointed PMF US Ambassador for the Ray Olley Memorial Project (ROMP) together with her mother Janette Alberto for the Republic of the Philippines reaching out to faithful allies of the United States of America, whose soldiers fought side by side with US forces through the United States Armed Forces in the Far East under the command of General Douglas MacArthur in WW2.  The ROMP also recognizes the Filipinos & US WW2 Veterans who are still alive today. Ysabella with her mom will facilitate the collaboration of a national outreach for surviving Allies through Malacañang. This will give them the chance to partake as ROMP will launch the construction of a memorial park in honor of Ray Olley and his dog Eleonor together with the Veterans especially to those who fought in the “Battle of Leyte Gulf, 1944,” the liberation of the Philippines and the largest Naval Battle in history.

Specialty: Singing, fashion modeling, dancing, humanitarian outreach.

Philosophy: “To lead by good example to our young generations,” “You can attain any dream you want by believing in yourself,” “Take courage as everything is possible if you put your heart into it.”