Valeria AriasValeria Arias

Location: Fort Myers, Florida, USA

Background: I was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida. My parents are from Argentina and came to Florida here to fulfill their dreams. I received my high school diploma and am now in Bourbonnais, Illinois studying at Olivet Nazarene University. I am a pre-med student studying to get my BS in biology to hopefully become a successful dermatologist in the future. I am a personal trainer, and also help people with nutrition to gain the goals that men and women would like to achieve to feel better about themselves.

Specialty: I enjoy spending my valuable time helping others to put a smile on their face. My happy place is at the gym, and I utterly enjoy working out since it helps me relieve stress and reach my goals. What separates me from some people, is that I love spending time by myself to intake all of the amazing things that God provides me with.

Philosophy: God gave us the life and bodies that each and every one of us has, so in order to connect with our father we need to accept what we are given. My number one priority is to stay healthy and happy. I love to surround myself around good vibes and joyful people. I believe that if you surround yourself around the right things and people, you will maintain a long and healthy life. In life, nothing is coincidental, so always look at the bright side of things and accept what you are given by the grace of God.