Sa Tea Sa Tea

Location: Lutsk, Ukraine

Profession & Background: Sa Tea teaches Kriya Yoga based on hatha yoga, meditation and pranayama. Teaching yoga combined with breathing techniques improves flexibility, range of motion and relaxation. Her classes involve a practice of a proper body alignment with knowledge of ancient scriptures, as well as body anatomy and science of movement mechanism. It is a perfect balance between yogic awareness and its application in modern life. Sa Tea is offering physically challenging and active classes suitable for multiple levels of hatha yoga. As a result, one will be getting the product of body stimulation and the refreshing of the mind. Her teachings are focused on finding strength and ease in body, mind and spirit. Sa Tea first came to her mat in 2007 and fell in love with her practice ever since. It was right combination for her physical development. The spiritual part of yoga was opened for her in 2013 and she decided to delve deeper into it. She lived in a couple ashrams of different traditions and absorbed tons of literature on this topic. With a Master's Degree in Applied Linguistics she was fascinated with Sanskrit and Tamil languages. This transition inspired not only to deepen her practice but also to share her love of yoga with others. This is how she came to the yoga school in 2019.

Specialty: Yoga, Holistic Fashion Design, promotion of a healthy Lifestyle, non-profit business development and charity.

Philosophy: My philosophy can be described with two statements: "become better with each day" and "the best is to compete with yourself."  Back in 2013 I met with some challenges in life, which pushed me to suicidal thoughts. I felt like there was no way out of the situation I got to and the idea of staying alive was not the best choice. Then I accidentally learned about the nature of the eternal soul nature. This information was so valuable to me, so I decided to dive deeper into it. I've discovered that our nature can be endlessly developed in two directions. We can be either happy and become happier or stay miserable and continue to get into misery more and more. Even stopping the physical existence won't stop your suffering. You have to only choose to become happy now and here.