Skie Molinar Skie Molinar

Location: San Antonio, Texas, USA

Profession and background: Certified in Anti-Aging & Sports Medicine, Associate in Physical Therapy (Physical Therapist Assistant), Master of Fitness Sciences, Professional Pilates Instructor for Health Care Professionals, Guest Speaker at Corpus Christi Christian Fellowship Church inspiring women to help themselves through Wellness & Fitness, Guest Speaking at local high schools, elementary to inspire our adolescent, young women & men against the use of steroids, empowering them by educating them to help themselves through drug free sports, Appearances on television in English & Spanish on issues concerning Health, Wellness & Fitness, former model for Hest Fitness infomercial, Hair model for Super Cuts commercial, 2011 Swimsuit issue of Women’s World Physique Magazine & former contributing writer on wellness & fitness, South Texas Women’s World Magazine former contributing writer & Magazine Cover Appearances, INBF-WNBF judge for bikini, figure, bodybuilding & physique, model NPC former judge for 9 years, Beauty Pageant Judge & personal trainer for models & contestants. Skie currently works with Patty Mills of San Antonio, a member of the TX SPURS Professional Basketball team on nutrition, made an appearance in the 2013 Fitness Model Observer, a former WNBF & NGA Professional Drug free Bodybuilder making guest posing & autograph signing appearances.

Specialty: Empowering Individuals, especially Women to help themselves by educating them to change their lifestyle which produces a healthy spirit, mind & body!!

Philosophy in life: “I can do ALL things through Jesus Christ who gives me POWER & STRENGTH!” - Philippians 4:13; Skies The Limit