Raymond Myles
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Raymond Myles

Location: Park Forest, Illinois, USA

Profession/Background: I was born in Yokohama, Japan to Army parents Ray and Connie Myles. We lived there for 8 months before being transferred back to the States. I still have a pair of wooden sandals, a prized possession! I went to St. Joachim grade school from 1-6 grades, where I learned about God and the religion that helped formed me as a person. I was a friendly child who valued friendships and respected my parents and other authority figures in my life. My younger brother and sister were raised in the same way. We moved from Chicago to Park Forest IL, in 1967, where I went to Westwood Jr. High school. Back then, I had to adjust to a new suburban culture which helped me become more flexible in a multicultural environment. I met new friends and some have remained very close to me to date.

I went to Rich East High School, where I enjoyed playing in different sports baseball, cross country, basketball and football. I started my first job at Jewel food store then to Sears where I started part time and it lasted 28 years! After high school I went to Prairie State College where I majored in Business and Social Science. I played football and won the MVP award, also played in football tournaments, basketball and weight training. I was involved in a management training program thru school with Sears.

I worked at Sears Auto Centers, started as a service advisor, then promoted to Service Manager in small store (12 bays) then was promoted several times in different locations in Indiana and Illinois. Finally, I was promoted to open a new store (5 minutes from home) but after 5 years I left the company. I worked with Primerica Financial services as s Financial Advisor helping many people sort through the world of finance. Promoted 2 times to Division manager, I was able to solve many financial problems for many families.

Specialty: marketing, Project Michelangelo Events Security, superhero appearances.

Philosophy: I am currently divorced with one son with special needs who has a rare heredity disorder which affects many physical parts of his body! He is very intelligent and communicates with a special computer and he is very good in using it! He is the love of my life, when he sees me and smiles All is good in the world! I am working from home with a Health and Wellness company Melaleuca. Their motto is "Enhancing the lives of those we touch.” I believe corporations should do right for people and the environment! I have helped and served people most of my life and this will never change, only the way God is leading me to help others will!