Rhea Jane O. MartinezRhea Jane O. Martinez

Location: Singapore
Education and Background: VIP Services Agent/Customer Service/Hotel Front Desk Officer at Marina Bay Sands PTE Ltd., Singapore. Graduated with an AB/Bachelor of Science in Psychology. With a Psychology degree I am able to gain and utilize the most important type of skills to succeed in life: psychological skills in understanding and communicating with others. The ability to show real concern for others and knowing how to show that concern greatly enhanced my social relationships in the real world. During my college days, I was exposed to deal with mentally challenged and physically impaired individuals and I believe that one should have a good heart, a good spirit for one to be able to understand and to cope with these kinds of individuals. During those times, I learned to equip myself with the essential skills to face and deal with the realities of life. The ability to mingle and socially deal and comply with the norms of society, its critics, the different personalities in all walks of life are crucial factors to successful living. These also include the ability to genuinely help others develop and grow, to create harmony in difficult situations, to know how to motivate others, and to understand another's true motives. Developing these communication skills increases the motivation and energy of those around me and also helps to increase the chances for success, joy, and happiness in life.
Specialty: Communication skills, events volunteer, psychological advice.
Philosophy in Life: I will always remember what my mother once told me, “God created us and we were born not just to live…but to know our purpose in life.” It is true, indeed. Even though most of us were not born wealthy, we have to recognize that God blessed us with so many good things like talents, power, strength, wisdom, intelligence, and a discerning heart. These are the gifts that we need to share, to give hope, to make others feel loved, and to make others realize their true worth and purpose in life too.