Michael Joseph BorggrenMichael Joseph Borggren

Angel Artist

Location: Bourbonnais, Illinois USA
Profession and background: Artist and poet; “I started painting 22 years ago, shortly before the birth of my daughter, Lineah. I had had a very vivid dream in which I was painting Jesus and the Virgin Mary outside the stable where he was born. Three angels in the background resembled a sunrise. I call the painting 'the innocents'--it was my first painting and it very closely resembled the dream image. Then I found I had never felt freer than when I painted — nobody to tell me what and how — I did my own thing and still do. My paintings often address Christian themes. I've been told, though I've never had an art lesson that my work most closely resembles German Expressionism. I have always had a rather vague desire to bridge the gap between the styles of DeKooning and Klee. If I have done this at all it is more or less sub-conscious. What I really do is paint my thoughts. I leave to others to analyze.”
Specialty: Outreach to psychiatric conditions through paintings and poetry to address their mental illness in a very concrete and perhaps therapeutic way.
Philosophy: I love to create because I feel I get closer to God when I do. After all, He is The Creator and it's my way of returning the favor, so to speak.
Philosophy in life: I've found the best way to deal with a problem is to reach out to others. Taking care of others and letting them take care of you is another way of saying, what the Beatles meant by "The love you make is equal to the love you take"