KM OliverosKyla May Oliveros

Location: Manila, Philippines

Background:  Kyla May Oliveros a.k.a KM Oliveros was born at Palayan City, Nueva Ecija on December 8, 2007. She’s currently 12 on her forthcoming birthday. Her parents are Edwin and Alma Oliveros. Due to the demands of her responsibility as a singing performer, she had to transfer residence nearer to Manila and now, she is presently residing in Antipolo City. She was enrolled to study her elementary schooling at Bongabon Essential School and JDN Memorial Christian Academy,Inc. at Bongabon, Nueva Ecija. Currently, she is at Grade 7 in San Jose National High School in Antipolo City. Kyla is one of the outstanding talents of Virtual Playground Performing Artists. Said talent agency takes care of all her invitations for performances in various live stage, radio and television programs.As a very talented performer, Kyla Mae was a recipient of WCEJA (WORLD CLASS EXCELLENCE JAPAN AWARD) as Outstanding Young Female Singer for two consecutive years during 2018 and 2019, the youngest performer ever to receive such awards. She was also selected from over 100 singers by a top Japanese agency, AVEX to receive special training @ Tokyo, Japan.

Specialty:  Professional Singing, interactive performances for children.

Philosophy in Life: “Music is the language of my soul and I want to use it to serve humanity.”