Kendrea CriteKendrea Crite

Social Worker/Youth Advocate

Location: Kankakee, Illinois

Profession and Background: Kendrea is an ambitious advocate/social worker from Hopkins Park, Illinois. Kendrea believes in working smarter on things that have the highest priority and then creating personal priorities that will benefit the world in which we live. Coupled with determination and resiliency, Kendrea nourishes from the fact that our mind and habits will create either barriers or bridges to a successful life. Not only does Kendrea have a fierce determination and holds a relentless drive to be nothing but the best, God created her with a heart of a servant. From her early years as an honor student at Lorenzo R Smith School, a farm-hand, a ballet student, a band student, Beta honor Club member, a football and basketball player, to graduating from Bishop McNammara Catholic High School, Kendrea was nothing short of diverse. Kendrea continued her education at Parkland College and later moved on to receive a Bachelor of Psychology Degree from Florida A&M University in Tallahassee, Florida. Currently Kendrea is pursuing her Masters of Social Work Degree and Clinical Mental Health Counseling. An honored member of the Order of Eastern Star, Kendrea is committed to service and sisterhood.

As a young child and growing up, Kendrea witnessed disparities of less fortunate families and this was the start of a passion to serve and provide care to others. Whether participating in the church youth choir or singing for the elderly at nearby nursing homes, Kendrea is proven to be dependable and trustworthy. By connecting with Project Michelangelo, Kendrea has found yet another avenue of becoming a voice for those in need.

Kendrea is very fond of the pageant system and finds it very rewarding to be a part of a community of other women who are just as confident and eager to give of themselves as they are beautiful and well poised. With the opportunities to take a platform and mentor others, the pageant system is a catalyst by which Kendrea intends to propel the byouth and lead them into lives of becoming whole and self-sufficient.

By participating in pageants, Kendrea’s goals are to become an advocate for her community in every way possible and to help those in need. Ultimately, Kendrea wants to provide services that will educate families and assist with reunification by providing needed services and offering preventive services to deter abuse and trauma within families.

Specialty: Beauty Pageants, Modeling, Youth Advocate

Philosophy in Life: Kendrea believes that beauty is not just skin deep but it stimulates the soul and causes one’s spirit to find a greater sense of fulfillment.