Jennifer ZhangJennifer Zhang

Location: Shanghai, China/Chicago, Illinois, USA

Profession & Background: Jennifer Zhang is a musician, actress, model and emcee based in Chicago, Illinois. Jennifer graduated from Northwestern University in Illinois and pursued further study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. Her professional training includes On Camera Training Program and she holds a B.A. in Economics, Finance, and Business Institutions. She has appeared on major TV networks such as NBC's Chicago PD TV show, Universal Studio as well as other shows such as “Check, Please!” and Food Trip on WTTW, Chicagolicious Style Network, Dropping Dime on MTV, Star of Outlook Talent Competition and CMT. An empowered young woman, Jennifer has also been involved in Radio broadcasting as a news anchor and program host on WNDZ 750am and add to this, she has also acted in short films such as The Windy City, Chinglish, Friday the 13th as well as Machine Baby. Her commercials include promotions for Turningstone Resorts and Messlook Salon NYC and this multitalented woman has also performed in music around the world with prestigious organizations such as the Chicago Modern Orchestra, DCASE, and MGM. Jennifer has appeared as well in print to include the Sixth Annual National Print Model Competition, Windy City Chicago Photo Contest, cover girl of Angel Rising Magazine, Mandarin Quarterly Magazine, Sing Tao Daily, Lao Shanghai Restaurant ads, and was seen on the front page of CC (Hong Kong). Crowned as the 2015 Miss Friendship Ambassador of Chicago, she was granted the honor of representing Chicago in the 2015 Miss Chinese International Pageant in Hong Kong.

Specialty: Musical performance as a singer and songwriter, instrumentalist using the traditional Chinese bamboo flute, the Chinese zither, and piano. Jennifer likes rollerblading, ice skating, billiards, swimming, basketball, ping pong, cycling, badminton, pole and hip hop dance. She is also into martial arts with training in boxing and Kung Fu as well as yoga and Tai-chi.

Philosophy: "Doing what you love is freedom. Loving what you do is happiness."