Hannia Alvarez PeñaHannia Alvarez Peña      

Location: Heredia, Costa Rica

Professional/personal background
Hannia defines herself as “simply woman, trying every moment to be better within the recognition of my humanity and my purpose of personal growth.” An avid outdoorswoman, Hannia is a “Walker,” sensitive explorer and persevering in her life’s journey in the broad sense of the world.  In love with life, she appreciates the details that make the difference such as the beauty of the natural world in mountains, the sunrises, the sky in its different hues and manifestations, and the human elements of gratitude, being passionate, and constant dreaming.  In short Hannia describes herself as a lover with purpose.

Hannia holds a Masters Degree in Project Management and Bachelor of Science in Information technology with a post –graduate in Computer Science and Administration. She has various certifications specialized in Information Technologies such as Databases, IT Security, Networks and Telecommunications, Quality Management Systems and Internal Control, Analysis and Design of Information Systems, Frameworks of reference and global business for governance and Management (including ITIL, ISO and Cobit).  She also has specialized training in different areas of Human Development, among them: Teamwork management, Leadership, Human Sexuality, Coaching, Communication; and within the area of health, specifically in Prehospital Care.

She has several passions that combine with her professional career in "Information Technologies (IT)". Thus we see her in her role as a mother, writer, researcher, athlete, motivator, mountaineer, servant in social welfare activities, and as an enterprising woman.

She likes to listen to music and dance between times.  Hannia is a mother of three children whom she loves deeply, whom she has dedicated many years of worth and is extremely proud of what they are, the fruits of their commitment, and the love they share in their surroundings.

Hannia has a passion for writing and she is a published author of essays, short stories, poetry, literary fragments and articles for special sites and magazines.  Her production is focused on what she enjoys the most: the "experiences of life.”  These are what she describes as experience that speak of the daily life, of the moments seized and that slowly give meaning to our lives.  Some of her productions are published through social networks or sites oriented to human development. She is a simple researcher by nature.  Hannia is a prolific reader of research and multidisciplinary studies that she learns from to constantly guide her on her personal development.  Since childhood she has been active in sports, which has contributed to enjoyment of a healthy life.  Her athleticism is manifested in her passion for aerobic dance, hiking and mountaineering.

Foremost, Hannia continues to enjoy her adventures in the mountains and recognizes the value of appreciation for nature and life as integral to continued learning.  In her mountaineering, she has found a special analogy between life and the journey through the mountains, which have given her a special understanding and wisdom that she uses to inspire and touch the hearts of others.

Hannia’s writings reflect a unique understanding in life always with the desire to share her experiences that people can use to benefit them in their lives.  She also carefully learns from all of the knowledge and experiences of life from those she interact with together with her passion for the mountains.  She shares all of these not only through her writings but also in the motivational talks and personal development courses she offers for the public. Hannia is involved with a network of women with the common purpose of teaching empowerment ideals and taking action in their lives, create a positive life change, and take steps fulfill their dreams. She also participates in social welfare activities aimed at a group of people with special needs or disabilities who represent an unprotected sector in a community.

Hannia has been a university lecturer and instructor in the technological area, adviser, consultant and collaborator of Informatics.  Her involvement includes leadership, development, implementation, and collaboration in several important projects at the national level in the technological field of Costa Rica. She is part of the state's labor force, contributing to the development of a better Costa Rica for over 25 years,

Specialties: Hannia speaks Spanish and is proficient in Information Technology (IT), teamwork management skills, motivational and women’s empowerment initiatives, social welfare for the disabled, writing and research, basketball, volleyball, aerobic dance, hiking and mountaineering.

Life philosophy
Among the maxims of  Hannia’s life are: to have an open and constant disposition towards learning;  to expand knowledge in love; and to enjoy the opportunities that each moment offers all in the certainty that life flows according to the perfect plan that God.  It is precisely here on this moment that Hannia has found a healthier coexistence between herself and others enriching and giving meaning to her life with purpose. Hannia’s song and motto in life: “flow in me Lord.”