Fernando Bardelosa Fernando Bardelosa

Location: Tacloban City, Philippines

Background & Profession: Employee in City Hall, Mountaineer and Rescue Responder in Tacloban City Philippines. I graduated from Science and Technology Institute (STI) in Bacoor Cavite Philippines as a Computer Programmer in Business System, undergraduate in Fishery Technology in Eastern Visayas State University in Carigara Leyte, Philippines. At a tender age of 9 to 12 years old in Carigara Leyte, I worked in a wet market selling fish, vegetables, boiled and fried peanuts in as well as in other towns and Barangays especially on the beaches when lots of people gather during local celebrations. Even at a young age I helped make a living for my family by becoming a young fisherman, pedicab driver and helper in a blacksmith business. In 1989 my father sent me off to Manila for my High School education. During this time, I was self-supporting until I finished my studies. I worked meager jobs even working as a caretaker in piggery of my uncle in Leveriza Manila and as a helper working on the grounds of a Tennis Court at the Philippine International Convention Center in Manila. I got by with my extra income as tennis ball picker and a peddler for soft-drinks and boiled eggs. For the past 18 years I work in a different field this time in an electronics and semiconductor company as a Maintenance Technician while I at the same time pursuing a college course in STI to become a Computer Programmer from 1997 to 1999 as working student. I developed a passionate for preserving nature and mountain climbing so I pursued to become a mountaineer since 2000. My first climb was Mount Banahaw, a Holy Mountain in Quezon Province. I decided to devote a personal mission to this mountain by promoting an advocacy in helping to clean and protect its immediate environment. My passion turned to rescuing people in times of disasters or accidents so I joined a local emergency rescue team in 2008. This led me to further study and become a full-fledged Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at the Golden Success Technical and Educational Institute in Manila. I love to travel to different towns and Barangays far away from the hustle and bustle of city life to explore, learn, and witness for myself the many social, cultural, and environmental differences in the everyday life of these people in different localities.

Specialty: Computer Technician, mountaineering, Rescue Responder

Philosophy: Never Lose Hope. There is light at the end of every tunnel. Keep Moving. All you need is a little faith.