Ma. Yvonne Guerrero, M.D. Emmanuel Elaurea Lachica


Background:  He is simply known to his family, friends and peers as “Eman or Emang”.

He was born on November 12, 1975, a Roman Catholic and is married to Mary Jane Guia Lachica with 2 sons namely Ezequiel, 14, and Elijah, 7, as of 2018. Emang graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science Major in Accountancy.  He is currently working as Assistant Accounting Manager of the popular hotel brand, Mandarin Oriental Singapore for almost 10 years now.  He is also considered as the Leader/Interim President of his high school batch and fellow alumni at the Quezon City Academy Alumni Batch 1993 with a total of 546 batchmates.

He got the nickname  “The Giant” during his elementary and secondary days due to the fact that despite his lacking in height, he has achieved and succeeded to be a good and reliable leader for his classmates and his Alma Mater.  Emang was one of the Boyscout leaders during his elementary days and in his secondary days he became active as a core student leader having served as Junior and Senior Police and completed the Cadet Officer Candidate Course at UP Vanguard leading to his third highest position as the Corps Commander Ex-O of their Citizen Army Training.  He was also “elected” as Senator and became Senate President of their Central Student Government organization and graudated with Honors as 5th honorable mention.

Emang is currently active with his batchmates and has successfully organized and staged 2 batch reunions last 2013 and 2018.  He consider his involvement and his love, care and vision for his high school batch as his greatest achievement in life as he is able to help his batchmates and his Alma Mater for whatever support they need.  As a PMF member, he has found a new source of life as he has committed his self of supporting his co members and the foundation itself in general.

Specialty: “LAGING HANDA” (always prepared), a Jack of all trades, Emang has a natural concern to the needs of his family, friends and batchmates,  His belief in himself is that he can achieve anything by virtue of his innate leadership, a motivator who believes in being able to conquer any challenge or any mountain of a task, a mission-oriented “go to guy” always ready for any given assignment.  He is currently assisting in logistical support and needs of the Northern Mindanao Angel Rescue Team and Angel Rapid Response Team in the Philippines.

Philosophy in life:  I believe in “Walk the Talk”.  I fulfill for whatever words I have said rather than just talk and sit down and not achieving the things that needs to be done.  I believe that if you have help someone, that someone will help another someone and in return have help yourself, your friends and your family to achieve the true happiness and fulfillment in life.

I also believe that you must not stop thinking and find ways to better your life as well as to be always prepared in challenging times.  I stand in the truth that we cannot continue to be a wanderer in this world, we must have a specific objective in life other than making our own life and the lives of our loved ones better. And I cannot simply accept that I am able to live my life well while seeing others on how they live their lives other than how I live my life.  “That we can never be as ONE and continuously say that it is for our loved ones and for our country “if when and how we DO and SHOW it”  is through hurting, insulting, and using others."