Datu Haasad S. Sinsuat EMT Datu Haasad S. Sinsuat EMT

Location: Cotabato City, Central Mindanao, Philippines

Profession and Background: Datu Haasad is the product of a union between a Christian mother from Luzon and a Muslim Father from Mindanao. He was born on October 12, 1981 at Quezon City, Metro Manila and currently married to Cheryl E. Francisco, the mother of their two fine sons. Currently, Datu Haasad is employed as a Secondary School Teacher teaching at Cotabato City National High School-Rojas for 17 years to date. Datu Haasad is the Founder and President of Guardians Emergency Response Team, a volunteer response group with its home base in Cotabato City. He is also a Philippine Coast Guard Auxiliarist at the 306th Squadron and an Army Reservist at the same time at 1203rd ARESCOM – RCDG as their Disaster Rescue Operations Team Leader. Datu Haasad had been part of the Bangsamoro Rescue Team, Inc.(BARET) as their Chief for Trainings and Operations from June 3, 2014 – December 18,2018. He had also been a part of the Philippine Red Cross Emergency Response Team as an Instructor, Humanitarian Aid Worker, an all-around Volunteer from April 17, 2001 to March 31, 2015.

Specialty: Emergency Medical Technician, Tactical Emergency Casualty Care, Safety Officer 1, community organizing, youth mobilization.

Philosophy in life: “Do unto others, what you want others do unto you… Don’t do to others, what you don’t want others do unto you…” and “The only triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing…” I live with these guiding principle and I know that every person reacts to what you show them.  If you smile at people even if you don’t know them, they will smile back in return.  Just like what elders say, “Respect begets Respect.” And lastly, the only time that evil can win over the world is for us good men to let that happen.  I won’t let that happen. My good deeds may not be enough for me to change the world but the world needs every good deed we can do.