Dennis AsisDennis Asis

Location: Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines

Profession & Background:   Dennis is a Senior Manager for Support Operations (Fonality Philippines Inc.) He earned a Graduate of Diploma in Computer Electronics & Technology from STI College in Sta Mesa, Philippines.  A soft-spoken man, Dennis is devout in his duties as a loving father to 3 children, a loving husband to his loyal wife Melanie & servant of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Specialty: Analytical Coaching (for best individual and team performance), volunteerism, parent adviser for families with children afflicted by Progeria (advanced aging in children).  Dennis also has extensive experience in the application processing of children diagnosed with Progeria for inclusion in clinical trials as a liaison between Project Michelangelo Foundation and the Progeria Research Foundation in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

Philosophy:  "if you light a lamp for someone it will also brighten your own path."