Benjamin Candar VelosBenjamin Candar Velos

Location:  Bukidnon, Mindanao, Philippines

Background:  Benjamin Candar Velos was born and raised at Mambaling, Cebu City.  At age 27, Ben and his wife, Bebie decided to transfer to Mindanao and settled at Malaybalay City, Bukidnon.  He graduated Associate in Marine Engineering and boarded a ship as an apprentice until workplace and sea sickness forced Ben's body to surrender and to forget the dream of becoming a seaman.  He got some odd jobs until he was employed as a field labourer of the Provincial Government of Bukidnon.  In between office works and home, Ben and Bebie sold dried fish, shoes, apparel, kitchen wares and other sellable items to augment their family income.  As the years passed, the get into selling insurance plans where they received compensation packages and pursued to investing in real estate properties.  He enrolled in night school as a part-time student and graduated with a course Bachelor of Commerce at the age of 40.  Ben retired from the government service in the year 2001 and he focused in hog and poultry farming with San Miguel Corporation Meats Division.

Specialty:  In the last 30 years of his life, Ben joined Ang Buhing Pulong Community (Living Word), a covenanted member of the Sword of the Spirit and Christ the King Association.  He is also into basketball and music.

Philosophy:  "Never let the things you want forget the things you have."
"As a team player, I see to it that my team mate will look better if we execute the game plan."