Blerina Rrema Blerina Rrema

Location: Bronx, New York

Background: Miss Blerina Rrema is like a hybrid of Albanian and Greek cultures. She was born in Albania as the middle among three siblings. At the age of eight, her family had to move to Greece, and she thus completed all of her schooling there. She earned her BS in Physical Therapy at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (TEI). While studying, she helped support herself by working as a waitress and later as a PT aide and acupuncturist aide. As soon as she finished her education, fate was so kind as to grant her a visa to the United States of America by lottery. She is currently working in a doctor’s office in Bronx, NY. Aside from Physical Therapy, she is also certified in vestibulonystagmography (VNG) and Nerve Conduction Study (NCS). Beautiful both inside and out, Ina also has a very big heart. Her family is her priority and sacrificing for them is second to nothing. Compassion for others, especially the poor, elderly, and disabled, utterly oozes out of her natural being.

Specialty: Like most of us, Ina loves to dance and read novels during her spare time. Though she can pass for a fashion model, Ina, as she is fondly called, is actually a well-rounded person. She even once received an award while playing varsity basketball. As an overly curious youth, she enthusiastically watched her father troubleshoot problems around their house. This enabled her to develop various technical skills like a “jack of all trades.” She can be depended upon in solving minor electrical, plumbing or simple carpentry problems around the clinic. On the other hand, she can also pass as an interior decorator as she not only stunningly adorns herself, but her apartment and work place as well.

Philosophy: She takes a very positive outlook on life and strongly believes that “everything happens for a reason.” So if something negative comes her way, she tries to see the lesson behind it. She keeps a charmingly light aura primarily because for her, “life is beautiful and there are so many reasons to smile about.”