Anngeli Pauline Chu OngAnngeli Pauline Chu Ong

Philippine Delegate & Spokesperson

Location: Concepcion, Tarlac, Philippines

Profession and background: A young lady driven by her ambition to succeed in life to bring honour to the country and its people, Anngeli’s diligence has brought pride to her family for her dedication to academe. She is a consistent honour student and she graduated at the top of her high school class as the class valedictorian in Concepcion Ecumenical School Foundation Inc., Concepcion, Tarlac. Her commitment to learning made her a college scholar in the University of Santo Tomas graduating with a degree of Bachelor of Science and Business Administration, Major in Marketing Management.

She believes in the value of education, as she sets as a good example to be able to reach out her goals by reaching out to others, giving more of herself by either teaching or sharing her knowledge and thinking of other people’s welfare and well-being rather than just her own happiness.

Anngeli has always been thankful for God’s gifts to her, which are her talents, as her burning desire to inspire young women to enrich their own has grown in her heart. She has a passion for dancing and at the age of 5 she started pursuing her dream at the Little Steps Dance Center, the only certified ballet school in Tarlac. She has been able to give humble contributions during town festivals through ballet dance performance on stage to show the young people a talent that will encourage them to find and cultivate their own to keep them away from vices. Her intense enthusiasm motivated her to hone her skills by enrolling to the official ballet school of Ballet Philippines, the Cultural Center of the Philippines Dance School (CCPDS). She studied ballet and modern under several top teachers and participated in workshops and recitals.

As an aspiring beauty queen, Anngeli started joining beauty pageants in school. She was able to show and promote the good qualities of a Thomasian Marketing Leader as she was crowned as the Miss Thomasian Marketing Personality 2011 in the University of Santo Tomas, Manila. She believes that everybody can win in life for as long as she has the heart and the willingness to help by becoming a blessing to others by showing compassion and generosity to the people who need the most.

She is proud to say that she has grown up in Concepcion, Tarlac, the hometown of good and honest leaders where the President of the Philippines himself, Benigno S. “Noynoy’’ Aquino lll hailed from. Being so, she has been influenced to be sincere in her principles and to be brave enough to fight for her advocacies.

Anngeli has always believed that nothing happens by coincidence as she is here for the best reason, and that is by becoming an angel of Project Michelangelo. As an angel, she will be in a better position to reach out to people in a wider scale as she has powerful insights, and the heart to implement them in the most truthful manner. She wants to uplift the image of the Philippines by becoming a role model to empower young women. Her purpose is to make young women believe in themselves to make them see and appreciate the real beauty they possess in order to contribute to the society and change the world.

Specialty: Marketing, Beauty Pageant, Ballet, Modelling, Fitness, Arts, Music, Writing

Philosophy in Life: Anybody can be a hero who can save the world to touch lives in every hope, in every dream and in every heart. Giving, for her, is a symbol of winning as it does wonders, for love awakens every hope and turns it into reality.