Anastasia MohylovaAnastasia Mohylova 

Angel International Ambassador 

Location: Dnipro, Ukraine 

Profession and background: Anastasia was born and raised in Ukraine. Entering graduate school was a logical extension of her successful studies at the university. At the age of 25 she became a candidate of economic sciences (PhD), then obtained the academic title of associate professor. She decided to work on a doctoral dissertation and in 2014, during the shelling in Donetsk, she was defending her doctoral dissertation at the Institute of Industrial Economics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. At the age of 34, she became a Doctor of Economic Sciences, and later received the academic title of Professor and became an Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, which she is very proud of. After finding her way for getting the highest scientific level she confidently says how important it is when other people believe in you. Scientists from the Institute of Industrial Economics believed in her already when she defended her PhD thesis with them. She went through her entire scientific path under their clear guidance, their advice, very often even life advice, not just academic advice. 

At the age of 23, Anastasia experienced a severe car accident that was not her fault. The accident left her seriously injured and on the brink of death. This near-death experience served as a wake-up call, making her realize the fragility of life and the importance of seizing every moment. Determined to make the most of her second chance, Anastasia changed her point of view about value of every single moment and began making decisions swiftly, guided by her heart. That car accident marked a turning point in Anastasia's life. Initially, she struggled to believe that life could be the same again. However, she refused to give up and gradually recovered, emerging more vital than ever. Today, Anastasia is not only a beautiful woman but also a successful professor, excelling in her career and personal life. 

Anastasia's decision to enter a beauty pageant was a testament to her unwavering self-belief. She won three World Beauty Pageants: Mrs. Millenium Universe-2023 (the beauty pageant was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), Mrs. World Diversity-2022 (the beauty pageant was held in Dubai, UAE), Queen Universe-2022 (the beauty pageant was held in Delhi, India). She shattered her limitations and proved that anything is possible when one believes in themselves. Her message to women watching her journey is clear: no matter what challenges life throws at you, you have the power to shape your destiny. Surround yourself with supportive individuals who uplift and encourage you to pursue your dreams. 

In October 2023 Anastasia became the Global Ambassador United Nations Peace Keeping Forces Council. Anastasia's journey inspires women to surround themselves with supportive individuals, embrace their uniqueness, and never underestimate their potential. With self-belief and determination, every woman can achieve greatness in all aspects of life. 

Specialty: Academic teaching as Doctor of Economic Sciences & as Professor of Marketing; modeling; empowerment & motivational speaking. 

Philosophy: Anastasia's ultimate message to women facing challenges or doubting their abilities is to “believe” in themselves. She proves that women can overcome obstacles, develop professionally, build harmonic love relationships, maintain beauty, and achieve their dreams. 

One of the mottos that she follows in life is “It’s worse than the scars in the soul!” So she wishes everyone, first of all, to take care of the garden in their soul, and not only about the appearance. Let in your soul be warmth, light and joy. And external beauty will be a reflection of your inner happiness.