Vicki Valentine

Vicki Valentine

Valcore Business Solutions

Ms. Valentine’s background is in business and accounting. She is the owner and president of Valcore Business Solutions. Valcore is managerial businesses specializing in assisting clients manage their own businesses. Valcore’s services include accounting, payroll, medical billing, business and managerial services to their clients.

Ms. Valentine is a Native American Indian and a tribal member of the Chippewa Tribe located in Chippewa County Michigan. She loves nature, children and animals. Speaking to her you will realize that the world should be a better place and she has committed her life to show others how to live in a manner where you tell the truth, work hard, be non-judgmental and respect your brothers and sisters.

Ms. Valentine says, “There is no single person in this world that has not seen happiness or pain. We all treasure our happy moments and we conquer our challenges by getting through them or learning from them but we shouldn’t have to do this by ourselves. It is my belief that we share one another’s joys and provide our strength, courage and prayers to those that need our help during harder times. Lending a hand isn’t being a hero. Being there for someone is truly the best gift you can give someone. No one walks in another man’s shoes. So often, someone’s experience is theirs alone even if we were to experience the same set of circumstance it would be different. Take the time to listen, understand the best you can and do whatever is humanly possible to make a difference. Small steps turn into leaps and bounds when we provide our love to one another.”

Talking with Ms. Valentine leaves you inspired. She has a wisdom that one wishes they had. I wanted to ask her questions just so I would have the answers to my own concerns, worries and troubles. But this is about her and I want to personally say that meeting her was a wonderful experience. Ms. Valentine is a good soul, one person who lives by example. She is kind, concerned about the world to which we live and she wants to make a difference if only it is for a moment.

Ms. Valentine met her husband, Bill, in high school. They have been happily married since 1982 and have two grown children. She lives in the country on eleven wooded acres in Northwest Indiana, USA. She has two large dogs and enjoys reading as well as outdoor activities be it gardening or riding on the back of their motorcycle. Vicki abides by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s saying, “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Jojo Sayson’s Project Michelangelo is blessed to have Ms. Valentine join our missions for humanity.