Meiling Jin

Meiling Jin

Chinese Internet Journalist

Meiling is a Journalist for the Chinese Internet on topics such as American lifestyles, fashion and modeling stories, famous and successful Americans, American school life , and relevant current events. Born and raised in Northern China, Meiling immigrated to America in 2007 at the age of 15 accompanied by her mother who married an American national. From then on, Meiling started writing about her life experiences growing up in mainland America especially about her teenage high school life that she finds to be uniquely different compared to her previous life in China.

Meiling’s interesting stories soon became very popular with citizens of China as well as with Chinese and other Asian people residing elsewhere around the world. Her popularity skyrocketed in a short period of time to make her become a regular front page feature writer for the Sino QQ web service. Her unique articles have also appeared on other websites in China to include the famous China Daily Online Newspaper. She is on her way soon to becoming a contributing writer for Circle Magazine in China.

To date in 2011, Meiling has had over 45 million readers to her stories in the internet. The photogenic Meiling also earned her a celebrity status by face recognition in China rivaling those of established Chinese movie stars and political figures.

Meiling is always seeking events and successful Americans for story topics that the citizens of China and the rest of the Chinese people around the world will find interesting and uplifting. She treats her interviews seriously and provides an open and intellectual forum for her guests in order to provide the most truthful insight into the American culture and its people. Meiling is currently continuing her education in the United States in field of Communications (Mass media) and aspires to achieve the highest level of competence in the international scene. Jojo Sayson’s Project Michelangelo Foundation is very proud of Meiling Jin and welcomes her as our Chinese Ambassador of good will.