Nicholas Fowler Nicholas Fowler

Location: Bourbonnais, Illinois, USA

Profession & Background: I'm happily married with three children. I graduated from Kankakee Community College in 2008 as a Licensed Practical nurse. I'm currently working with one of the Nation’s top medical doctors and loving every minute of it! Also, I'm passionately involved with our youth through Gotcha Outdoors Ministries at Kankakee First Church of the Nazarene. We offer a totally awesome archery program that promotes empowerment while instilling the knowledge of the saving grace only through Jesus Christ! We've found that using archery as a the vessel to reach children has been incredibly successful! "Aim small, miss small!" is my motto. If we focus all our energy on the center of the bullseye, then we will come pretty close to hitting it. The same is true in life, if we focus on Jesus Christ as the bullseye of our lives then we will also come close to achieving the expectations God has for each of us! Through the leadership of the Holy Spirit and obedience of our team, many children have been led to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I also love and appreciate the God's great outdoors! I'm a jack of all trades, master of none! I'm living proof that God has a sense of humor!

Specialties: Shooting and making archery equipment, shooting sports, fishing, canoeing, camping, taxidermy, art and design, etc…

Philosophy: Matthew 5:16 "Let your light shine in such a way, that men will see your good works and glorify your father who in in heaven."