Miranda Collins Miranda Collins

Angel Rising Magazine Chinese Liaison

Location: Beijing, China.

Profession and Background: Miranda, graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT) with one BA degree in English and another Bachelor of Management degree in Business Administration, is a young professional currently working in the aerospace industry. During college life, Miranda was an active broadcaster, emcee, public speaker and debater etc.. She held major positions at student organizations such as the President of News Agency of BIT and the VP of BIT Radio Station. Titles and awards received include Champion of BIT English Speaking Contest, Excellent Student of BIT, constant receiver of BIT People Scholarship, Outstanding Student Leader, Champion of BIT Broadcasting Contest, First Prize Winner of BIT Debating Contest and so forth. Miranda is keen about the course of female empowerment as well as various charitable causes. She volunteered as translator for Chinese Organization for Rare Disorders, summer teacher to help students prepare for Higher Self-Examination of China and has been a member of Lean In Think Tank, working with other volunteers together to achieve the group mission of helping Chinese women lean in both in professional and personal life. “The measurement of one’s life-worth shall not be based on his self-achievement, but on how much positive influence he has exerted on others’ lives.” It is Miranda’s vision to make active dents in more and more people’s lives and extend as much help as she can to those who’re in need.

Specialties: Chinese and English public speaking, broadcasting, writing, debating, reading, calligraphy, cooking, painting, badminton, playing the guitar etc..

Philosophy of Life: Keep making progress and be an executive dreamer, life enthusiast and most importantly, devoted daughter of the Father.