Frankie PalomaFrankie Paloma

ARM Layout Artist

Location: Queens Village, New York

Background: I was born an only child in Iloilo, Philippines and raised by my grandfather while my mother worked in USA.  Sadly my parents separated while I was still a baby and I never knew my father.  At a tender age of 15 years, I started in photography as a hobby then later on I began working at my Alumni School as their home photographer by age 17. I became independent learning about life and before I turned 21, I was able to emigrate from the Philippines to New York, USA after I was successfully petitioned thanks to my mother. Photography was still my burning passion so I landed my first job here in New York as a jewelry photographer for Judith Ripka for 2 years. To date, I am currently working as a jewelry photographer for an advertising company in Midtown Manhattan. Aside from photography, I love to read fiction, fantasy and romance novels such as Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, The Vow, The Notebook and many more. I am currently writing a book inspired by my own story and the people around me in the hopes that somehow, someone would be inspired to fight the challenges and to live life the fullest despite obstacles.

Specialty: Besides my fulltime job, I love to take portraits as my past time and I am doing weddings photography and other special events with my hubby on the weekends. I also now do the layout and design of Angel Rising Magazine.

Philosophy: I believe in “God’s Perfect Timing,” just be patient. He will give it to you when it’s really for you if not, don’t hate him and just be thankful whatever you have.