Ana Maria L. Consuelo, M.D.Efraim Gerard R. Bagting

Location: Quezon, Philippines

Profession & Background:  Gerard is a 2017 graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering from Manuel S. Enverga University, Lucena City.  He is also a former news anchor (known as ‘Don Juan’) and technician in a community radio called Radyo Kaisahan,107.7 FM Radio from Sariaya, Quezon (May 2017 to January 2018).  Radyo Kaisahan is under the Nutriskwela Community Radio by the National Nutrition Council (NNC) of the Department of Health.  Gerard is currently a logistics/support staff of Fiberhome International Technologies Philippines, Inc. in Lucena City since March 2019 and is the youngest member of the current Sariaya’s Heritage Council whose goal is to preserve the cultural and ancestral pride of the town.

Specialty:  Gerard is a “techno-geek” who occasionally performs technical tasks like repairing/tweaking and crafting various small electronic equipment and gadgets (e.g., an automated watering system for plants). He is proficient in creating educational infographics to spread awareness and information throughout social media and other internet platforms. Gerard is an occasional host to events despite the shy demeanor & enjoys martial arts and cycling. Philosophy and science are also his prime interest as well in disasters preparedness and humanitarian work.

Philosophy:  Gerard’s life motto is “Do the impossible and kick off with momentum.”