Dennis Fung Dennis Fung

Location: Brooklyn, New York, USA

Profession and background: Physical therapist by training and is currently working in one of east coast's largest non-for-profit home health organizations. Upon graduation, he has taken the opportunity to travel while working in various types of settings. Places include New York City, Southern Florida, Chicago and its suburbs. This is where he afforded the opportunity to meet and work with Jojo Sayson in his private clinic when he had resided in Bourbonnais, IL.

Dennis has had little experience with dance until he took an 'Intro to Dance' class in university. The instructor noticed his energy and creativity and told him to come to open house; he followed and since then has fulfilled all the requirements to graduate as a dance major. Dennis mentions that the reason why he chose dance is because dance is his form of expression when often his words fail to convey his messages.

Specialty: Events planning, dance choreography, video editing, music production.

Philosophy in life: "I am by no way the best dancer. I started dance late. I have difficulty with learning new technique. I may be that guy you see messing up the moves in the room. However, I continue to tell myself that I am able to do it. I continue to further my skills through dance class. Through this process of staying persistent, I have now created empowerment videos with dance, learned the art of video editing, and now pursuing not only music editing but also production. All of these skills which my background stemmed from close to nothing to do with dance but now I am learning everything associated with dance. Let me be testament to the individuals that put effort into their passion and values. They not only will achieve their goals but will learn life-changing elements in the process."

"I dance every time I close my eyes. Now, I could share it through a medium that others can see what I was only able to see."