Chantal Pryor Carmi Casas

International Missions Coordinator

Location: San Diego, California, USA

Profession & background: At a very early age Carmi Casas (also known as Princess to her friends and family) possessed a keen ambition which not only made her not only the first to go to college, but to graduate from college. Carmi obtained a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and American Studies (Ethnic Pathway) from the University of California, Santa Cruz, after which she taught kindergarten and pre–school. Aside from her 15+ years of educational experience she has served as a consultant for several profit/non–profit businesses, and associations seeking her expertise in production and systems management. In addition, she has facilitated in–house educational programs and previews. Along with her educational and professional experience she continues to be involved in the community, especially in the areas of educating the youth volunteering her time to teach and tutor since she was 11 years–old. She has also been involved for many years in the Financial Services Distribution Industry and held a vision of supporting and educating middle class families to get out of debt and to simply to make a difference in people’s lives, a purpose and vision that she continues to uphold today. For over almost a decade she managed the operations of the worldwide headquarters of Excellerated Business Schools (USA), Inc. Excellerated is internationally known for presenting entrepreneurial and personal growth programs such as the 3-1/2 day program Money & You, the Business School for Entrepreneurs and the Instructors Training Program. A few notable graduates of Money & You are Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, authors of Chicken Soup for the Soul book series, Ben Cohen or Ben & Jerry's. These are all programs she has helped produce and promote globally. She played an instrumental role within the organization as a Global Operations Manager handling many key aspects of the organization, financial management of the company, supporting the production and the systems of the business and programs nationally and globally. She is still today a consultant to the business organization. Currently, she is the operational and program coordinator for The Ola Grimsby Institute, Inc., a post-secondary, post-graduate educational institute for Physical Therapists. She handles many key aspects of the organization, management and operations. She and the CAO are responsible for the coordination of continuing education courses and program in America and Internationally. She oversees the general marketing & advertising elements for the Institute. She handles the maintenance of Institute's status of degree-granting, credentialed, bonded organization, and annual reports and works closely with over 30 instructors. In addition, she is one of many club directors nationwide with the Starlings Volleyball Clubs, USA. Starlings is the largest junior volleyball club in the nation ? serving some 3,000 girls in 50-plus clubs across America. A Non-profit organization, Starlings Volleyball providing for girls 8-18, from various income, and ethnic backgrounds, to train and compete at USA Volleyball's Junior Olympic level. With her many years of experience in personal growth and entrepreneurial programs, she was invited in early 2004 to be one of the directors by one of her mentors and good friend, Nathaniel X. Ross, to support the development, growth and eventually the expansion of the Choices Programs. Choices Program is an organization that helps those individuals that can’t afford the expensive rates of traditional personal growth and development classes, workshops and coaching. Our operations is located in Dover, Delaware. The teachings of The Choices Program are based on universal principles. The six (6) principle taught in the program are designed to create a higher level of awareness, attraction and better sense of making the right choices. This will help you to design the life you have always dreamed of. She is the director of operations handling the operations, systems and programs.

Specialty: Carmi is an organizer with strategic administrative skills. In her leisure, she loves to play her favorite sport, volleyball, with her favorite partner, her husband, Rogelio. Another passion of hers is hula dancing. At hula, her love for nature, the earth, God, comes alive through the Aloha Spirit. She believes in the vision and mission of Project Michelangelo Foundation and its dramatic impact on people’s lives. With her experience in personal development, coaching, charitable organizations, entrepreneurial programs she knows she will be a great support to uphold Project Michelangelo Foundation's mission of making a difference.

Philosophy: Her purpose is to create abundance in all areas of her life and to teach others the same. An educator, activist and philanthropist, Carmi is well on her way to becoming a true force in the Humanitarian Age.