Ariane Joy Gadil Ariane Joy Gadil

Location: Manila, Philippines

Background and Profession: Currently working in an Insurance Company as a Financial Consultant by helping and teaching people on how to save and secure their family's future. Prior to entering the insurance industry I used to be a working student in a fast food chain to support my tuition fees in College.  This helped me to become independent at the early age of 16yrs old.  To become part of Project Michelangelo Foundation I now consider to be such a blessing.  As a child of God I really want to help children who are abused and orphaned as I have seen and witnessed a lot of these children every time I have had an opportunity to attend any outreach program of our company.  I have personally heard these neglected children's stories and it breaks my heart each time I hear them.  And now as I have been given a chance to be part of the Angels and Heroes team, I will help these kids by uplifting their spiritual beliefs and share with them my talents that God has given me as well as offer them my advice that no matter what life gives us, it is still a blessing that we should embrace with courage, keep moving forward and be thankful always for the glory of God.

Specialty: singing, dancing, public relations

Philosophy in life: When you're down there's no other way but to get up. Everything happens for a purpose and a reason.  Always think about the brighter side of the picture.

Live, laugh, love.